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Stay the Course

1 Sep

1 Chronicles 28:20

I am way behind this week!  There have been so many things going on that it has been hard to keep up at times.  But, that is what this week’s study is all about.  Our bible study, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God,” is focusing on being able to #StickWithIt.  How fitting that my week has been full of craziness.

I shared last week of going back to school and also putting my name on the Substitute Associates list at my children’s school.  Well, this week my classes were in full swing.  I started the week off great.  I was keeping up with my bible studies; I was starting in on my homework assignments; and I started the class that I drive to our local ICN meeting place for my 3rd class.  This all was going smoothly.  I even had all my homework done before time.  Then the call came.

Yep, they called and asked me to work as a Sub at the school.  I was so excited and ready to work on Thursday!  I had absolutely no idea what I would be doing, but I was stepping out with God and just going with the flow.  The day was good.  I ended up working as a crossing guard in the morning (fun experience to get out and see many people, most of whom usually honked and waved); then I headed up to the High School to work in the Special Education room.  What an experience for me.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I just decided to go with my gut instinct as to what I would do for these kids if they were my own.  I learned lots, and then I ended the day as a crossing guard again.  Whew!  I made it through my 1st full day of work after years of being home with my children.

Friday morning rolled around and the usual was going on for morning routines.  Then another call came in, they needed me again that day.  This time there had been a mix up and I got the call at 7:00am  and needed to be at the school crossing by around 7:30am.  No problem, right?  Well, it wasn’t too bad.  My husband was home that morning, so he jumped right in to take over the kids, and even had my lunch packed for me when I got out of the shower.  I hurried around and did actually make it to the school around 7:30am.  What a miracle!  I worked the same schedule as the day before.  Having this study really changed the way my day went.  I began to look at things differently.  I began to wonder what I could do to make a difference to just one person.  Looking at what I was doing as an opportunity to honor God, right where He put me, was such an enlightening experience.

Well, after this unexpected, but welcome, change in my routine, I realized by Friday night that I was way off track in other things to do.  I had not done my questions from my bible study yet; I had not done my blogging yet; I was not ready to teach children’s sunday school class yet; and I did not have my computer work done for the church service yet.  How do proceed?  I decided to draw strength from God and #StickWithIt!

Saturday rolled around with another HOT forecast coming at us.  So I decided to just have a relaxing day and jump into what needed done.  I could have just said to skip it this week and get back around to it next week, but this was not what we were learning about.  I need to forge onward and “do the work.”  I started the questions for the study; worked on my sunday school material; read some of my homework for next week; and did the computer work for church today.  I decided to not worry so much about if all the laundry was folded and put away, or if all the stuff was picked up off the floors.  I am letting go of my expectations that I never seem to meet and just accept what works for our family.  The kids loved having a relaxing day to do what they wanted, unfortunately two of them ended up laying around on the couch with terrible head colds.

Through this study I am starting to realize that #SayingYes is freeing.  God does not expect us to do it ALL.  He just wants us to focus on what is important at the moment.  This brings to mind Mary and Martha.  Sometimes it is not important to have all the right food and have the house look just so.  It may be more about coming to Jesus as we are, mess and all, giving it up to Him.  What is really important at this moment?  The mess in our house, or the mess in our soul?  Keeping on track with our studies or blessing someone else by being there to listen and talk?  What we must keep in mind is to #SayYes to God when he asks.  I am finding out that the answers to these questions will change every time you ask them.  One day it may be time to clean the house while another day it may be to just relax and jump into God’s word for the day.  Live my life on God’s schedule.  This is not exactly what I am used to, but it is what I am striving for now!  “PalmsUp to God and let Him work in my life!  🙂


Radical Obedience

15 Aug

We need not fear what our obedience will cause to happen in our life. We should only fear what our disobedience will cause us to miss. ~ pg 45

“We need not fear what our obedience will cause to happen in our lives.  We should only fear what our disobedience will cause us to miss.”

Why are we still cautious when it comes to obeying what God says to do?

I will admit, I have only half-way thought about the great and wonderful things that will happen if I let God take control.  I mean, I want the great and wonderful things to happen, but I am so scared of being disappointed that I have been living expecting the worst a lot of the time.

Satan is doing a good job of keeping me from living the life God has for me by reminding me of all the things that can go wrong.  He reminds me of all the things that I have already failed at.  He reminds me of all the ways I do not measure up to others.  He reminds me that others may look at what I am doing and make fun of me or talk behind my back.  He reminds me I am not qualified nearly as well as someone else is to do the job.  Oh, he is good at reminding me!  This has set this fear in my life.  This is why I tend to toss aside many things that God may be calling me to do.  I can’t seem to get over all these reminders that keep replaying in my head.  (Even writing this blog, Satan is working in my head.)

Now, why do I choose to listen to Satan instead of God?  That’s it, you know.  It is a choice.  And for some reason, I choose to take the easy road.  The road I have been down before; not because I necessarily like it, just because it is familiar.  I know where this road leads.  You see, if God calls me to do a new thing, I am not sure what that will look like or even where I will end up.  Why does that scare us so much?  I am guessing that is has lots to do with my unbelief.

Unbelief.  I don’t expect God to do those great things in my life.  I don’t believe that God can take care of all the little details while I travel down His path.  I don’t believe that God would want to bless such a mess as myself.   And again I ask, why would I choose to BELIEVE Satan’s version of my life when I can choose to BELIEVE the version God has for me?  Seems like a no-brainer to me.   I have been afraid to step out into God!

Through this awesome bible study, I am learning that I am missing out on my life!  I don’t want to miss my life, I want to embrace it fully.  I want to wake up every day and choose God and all he has planned for me.  I want this abundance of joy and hope to fill my soul daily.  I want to really live!

choose you this day whom ye will serve; … but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15  (KJV)


8 Aug

How many times have I been missing out on the plans God had for me because they didn’t look like the ones in my head?

Wow!  I have started a new online bible study, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God,  and cannot believe what I am learning about myself.  Are we really giving control of our life to God?  I am figuring out that I think I am saying “Yes,” but it turns out that I may really be saying “That is great as long as it fits with what I have in mind. ”

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God

I set out on this journey thinking that this should be no problem for me at all.  I have been going to church, reading my bible, and talking with God almost all my life.  The first chapter of my book was about keeping my palms up and giving in to God’s control of my life.  I’ve got this, no problem.  Right?

Well, I soon noticed I was having trouble relaxing and resting.  It was because I was so busy thinking of what my life would look like when I gave up control.  I imagined all the great possibilities He has in store for me, and how I would respond when they happened.  Then I would think, well, what if He has “this” in store for me instead of “that.”  Then I would start trying to imagine how I would respond to the new scenario.  Before I knew it, I was kinda stressing out imagining how I would give up control to God!  How absurd is that??  I finally realized that this is EXACTLY what NOT giving up control to God looks like.

Why can’t I just sit back and let God have the reins?  I think, for me, that it throws me into a place where I have to admit I don’t have all the answers and I am not perfect.  I mean, I know I am not perfect, but to let the world see that?  Aren’t we as wives, mothers, women in general, supposed to have it all together?  That is why I love the part in the book that says, “You are a woman perfectly equipped to say yes to Him.  Notice that I did not say you are a perfect woman.  But if you are in the thick of living with all that life throws at you and you simply whisper yes, you are equipped.”  Awesome!

Another quote I am loving from the first chapter is “Whatever God says do, do it!”  It does not say do only the things that you agree with; it says Whatever.  Huh…  Is anyone out there as off base as I have been on this one?  Boy, I guess I have lots more to learn, but I am ready to put my palms up to God and take one step at a time, following where God leads me.